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Slides and negatives to digital

negativo a digital en Tenerife

wedding cards

diapositiva a digital en Tenerife

escaneo negativos tenerife
escaneo de negativos tenerife

kraft paper tenerife

Pass your slides and negatives 135, 126, aps, 110 to digital to remember those moments of many years ago, 22 megapixel scanner for large enlargements, or 14 megapixel scanner to view on your computer, very reduced prices for quantities. High resolution negative scanning.
Nikon 4000 ED scanner for professional scanning

wedding invitations

teide photo

digitalizar negativos y diapositivas

printing house adeje

digitalizar diapositivas y negativos

Scan qualities


* 4320x2880 / 16 bit quality

* 14 Megapixel

* Adjust brightness and contrast

* Jpg delivery


* 5728x3824 quality  / 16 bit

* 22 Megapixel

* Adjust brightness and contrast

* Jpg delivery


* 4000 quality  dpi / 16 bit

* Adjust brightness and contrast

* Removal of scratches by hardware

* Jpg / tif delivery

Ask for a budget without obligation

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