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Photos Tenerife card and passport

teide photo

German biometric passport

Photos adeje passport card

photographer adeje

Foto Carnet Adeje

Any other photographic studio does not give the importance of the passport or passport photo, in Foto Teide we take several photos of the client, on the screen the client chooses the one he likes the most, being able to repeat the photos if he wishes, the measurements of our photos ID and passport are exact, without errors, we take passport photos,  Passport and visa for all countries in the world, although we have software for the measurements of each country, we recommend that the client inform himself well what measurement of photos and specifications he needs.

Photos Adeje Passport Card





We make all kinds of photos, passport, American visa, nie, biometric German passport, etc.


We are recommended by the German consulate in Tenerife to take biometric passport photos.


No appointment is necessary for passport and passport photos.

photos of adeje passport card

Foto Teide Carnet Adeje

Possibly the best passport and passport photos of Tenerife

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